August 12, 2022
Used Futon Frame Full Size

The full size futon bed carries it! Everyone is talking about them lately. And with the increasingly smaller departments we need functional furniture, which serve more than one thing and hopefully can adapt to different environments or decorations if we want to change them from one space to another every so often. The futon fits perfectly in this description, but there are some important issues to keep in mind before choosing a futon because beware! They are not all the same.

The first thing to consider is that there are two types of full size futon bed. The original and genuine is a traditional Japanese bed that consists of a kind of cotton mattress, about 5 cm high, which is placed directly on the floor to sleep. In fact, the word “futon” means “bed” in Japanese. During the day the mattress is aerated, rolled up and stored in a closet so that the piece can be used for other things.

The full size futon bed can be installed anywhere in the house, from the living room to the children’s bedroom, even through the entrance hall.  Choose simpler, timeless prints so they are easy to match and do not go out of style. It also prefers solid and durable materials, such as wood or leather.