August 12, 2022
Amazing Futon Slipcover

Futon slipcover – You have a pretty good futon that you want to use as an extra sofa and bed. With some material and some simple sewing techniques, you can bring the futon out of your hideaway and back in circulation. And, if someone wants to think you’ve bought a new one, let him or her. Only you need to know something else. Read on to learn how to make a futon cover.


Remove your mattress from the futon slipcover, and place it in the middle of the floor. Make sure you can get to all four sides of the mattress. Use measuring tape, measure the length of the mattress first. Record your numbers. Measure the width of the mattress next. Record your numbers. Now measure the height (or thickness, as it is known as) of the mattress. Convert your measurements from inches to yards. Remember, 36 inches correspond to a farm.

Use your converted measurements; buy how much fabric you need, as well as needles and threads, and the brackets you have chosen to use for the project. Wash the fabric before sewing. This will “set” the colors, as well as prevent the finished lid from shrinking. Make sure you follow the correct laundry procedures for the type of fabric you are using. Allow the fabric to dry properly. Put futon slipcover on top of the fabric, which means that all four sides are equal to the edges of the fabric. Use your tape measure to be sure.